Who we are

We are a family-owned subcontract CNC engineering business situated in Hartlebury, Worcestershire. After 20 years in the industry, our reputation for first-rate machining and customer service is well-known. We are an integral part of the supply chain in many industries, and take great pride in our versatility, as a manufacturer. We are always looking for opportunities to expand our ‘portfolio’, whether it be working on a new project, with a new customer, or within an entirely new sector.

Quality Engineering Guaranteed

From Day 1, sustaining the highest level of Quality in our work has been our primary focus. All parts are manufactured to the highest standard, maintaining consistent dimensional accuracy and aesthetics. We proudly hold BSI ISO 9001:2015 certification and actively maintain our Quality Management System – see the ‘Certification’ page for further details and downloadable documentsOur Milling and Turning capacity is split across two units, each with their own inspection station, ensuring all jobs are thoroughly checked before moving through the shop floor. We benefit from a fully programmable CAD linked CMM (Aberlink Axiom), capable of measuring in three dimensions to an accuracy of 2.5μm. We have a wealth of experience machining a wide variety of materials, from commonly used standard grades to more specialised materials for bespoke applications. If required, we additionally offer surface finishing arrangements, to provide the customer with the convenience of a fully finished part. All parts are subject to final inspection or we can supply a full ‘First Article Inspection Report’ upon request, before dispatch.

Our Commitment is Your Success

Our second core value is Reliability – both inside and outside of the company. With our collective expanse of technical knowledge, you can be confident we’ll get it right first time. Top quality parts go hand-in-hand with a top quality service, which is why we have customers continuing to use our services after nearly 20 years of trading. The key to a productive relationship with the customer is open and honest communication, such as providing realistic lead-times and immediate notification of any deviation from the original production plan. Our staff are always happy to take your call, whether it be an existing customer asking about a current job, or an enquiry from a potential new customer.

Innovation is Vital

Innovation is the third integral value of our company. Whether its upgrading our machines, fixturing and tooling to be in line with the latest manufacturing technology, or developing new machining strategies to tackle especially complex parts – we like to innovate. Improving our processes not only cuts costs and lead-times, but makes the manufacturing more sustainable by reducing waste material and prolonging tool lifetime. In recent years, the true value of 5-axis CNC has been utilised in conjunction with modern CAD/CAM software, in the form of ‘Toolpath Optimisation’ and ‘Simultaneous 5-axis Control’. This has allowed our highly skilled programmers to produce higher quality parts in significantly less time, and increased our capacity by allowing the in-house manufacture of components that were previously unachievable.

As part of our long-term vision, we want to work within a greater variety of manufacturing sectors and broaden our expertise.

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